12 Months

12 months loan: Know all about it at just one click!

Whenever there is a talk of taking a loan, the whole issue becomes extremely serious. This is primarily because, in case of every loan, whatever be the amount there is a tension that is always associated with it. The tension of paying back and then carrying on with regular life is quite a difficult feat.

In loans which have been undertaken after a host of speculation, this problem is quite normal. However, there arises a new list of problems when one considers the idea of a short term credit. It brings with itself a new set of problems.

What is a 12 months loan:

This is a short term credit option that is available to the citizens of UK, so that they can apply for it in order to meet unforeseen expenditure.

Generally, in such cases, the person can take a small amount to meet immediate problems and pay it back within a small period as well. The amount that is borrowed is generally within the range of £500 to £10000, while the rates of interest are quite high.

What is noteworthy regarding these loans are that their time period of repayment is very less thereby making the people sure that there is no chance of this loan being carrying forward.

The loan:

Since this 12 month loan is a short term loan, therefore, the time period of repayment is very less, and the rates of interest are quite high.

Generally speaking the interest rates are around 38% for a loan amount that ranges from some hundreds to some thousands. Thus, at such high rates, the person has difficulty in paying back the loan, but the amount once paid, renders the person completely free of any tension.

Requirements for applying for this loan:

Certain specific requirements are needed for one to apply for this loan. Thus, once these are followed, a person can surely get complete help in terms of loan amount.

The person applying for the loan should be above 18 years of age.

The person should have a stable job and proper means to pay back the loan.

There is no need of a stable credit history to apply for this loan. Even in case of bad credit history the person has no problem in applying for this loan.

Every loan has a set of positive and negative aspects associated with it.

In case of such loans there is no need of collateral. The security amount can vary as per the paying capacity of the person concerned.

The approval period of this loan is very short. Thus, one can get this loan within a very short time period.

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It is our aim to provide credit cover to the maximum number of people by making this 12 month loan available to all with a minimum collateral support and easy repayment policy.

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